How You Can Capitalize

You can capitalize on these high eviction rates by running your own second chance rental agency. You keep 100% of your broker fees and earn income from setup fees while signing renters up for the program and getting them approved to rent again.

Join us and see why so many entrepreneurs are becoming partners with us and benefiting greatly with a ready-made business with high earning potential.

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We provide you with a website, a Facebook business page with social media management. We promote your Facebook page 2-3 times per week to help you generate leads. We offer a multi-stream income opportunity to make money with your new business. Agencies have the potential to earn thousands from this business weekly.

Guaranteed to Make Money

Your agency is practically guaranteed to make money as long as you follow the steps and guidelines to running your second chance rental agency. Complete the form to watch our entire demo and see how you can start your own six-figure income business right out of the box.

What We Offer

Our agency partners can earn an incredibly high income helping renters get started with second chance rental assistance. We provide online video training tutorials, sales scripts, and a powerful lead-generating website to attract renters with evictions, broken leases, or poor credit. You’ll receive marketing materials and tools, including agency management tools to run a full agency with employees. You get it all with the full agency opportunity.

Why Target Clients with Past Evictions?

With 3.2 million evictions happening every month, your target market is not the person who was recently evicted. Your target client is the renter who had an eviction 1, 2, or 5 years ago. These individuals may still be facing rental problems years after their eviction. Many times their financial situation has changed, and they are ready to pay for help. These folks are willing to pay a premium in service fees to get the help they need.