Ready to set up an account after account verification completed

Read the instructions carefully for account setup and pricing

Follow the steps to complete the account setup

You Must Watch The Demo Video

if using a cell phone please turn to the side to view the demo


Steps Before Access

  1. Receive GoGo inbox logins to personal email.
  2. Log in to your GoGo Inbox account.
  3. Look for the Admin Panel account invitation email.
  4. Set password for Admin Panel account.


Steps After Admin Panel Access

  1. Sign Service Agreement inside Admin Panel
  2. Submit Questionnaire
  3. Submit Account Setup details (Set Rental Program & Addon Pricing)
  4. Fund Account (Required To Process Client Orders)

    Note: After submitting step 3 (Account Setup), you will receive the RentAccess account invitation email


Steps After Admin Panel Setup

  1. Log in to your GoGo Inbox account.
  2. Look for the RentAccess account invitation email.
  3. Set password for RentAccess account.

RentAccess is a portal where you can add, manage, and track your client and orders.