Lease Granted’s Rental Judgment Recovery Services

Go Beyond Collection. Achieve True Recovery. At Lease Granted, our mission is simple: recovering what’s rightfully yours. While many promise results, we guarantee them by expertly locating and seizing assets to ensure judgments are paid. No stone is left unturned.

Highlights of our Service

Expertise in Uncovering Hidden Assets

With years of industry experience, our team excels at identifying assets that are often overlooked by others.

Commitment to Success

We are dedicated to seeing your judgment enforced, from start to finish.

Multi-Channel Communication

To ensure optimal outcomes, we employ a variety of communication mediums.

Why Lease Granted?

For the Landlords

Tired of delinquent rent tarnishing your financial statements? We understand the plight of landlords and offer tailored services to address it.

For Small Businesses

If unpaid dues are hampering your growth, our specialized services for small businesses can help. Whether you have one account or fifty, we’re equipped to handle it all, initiating collection activity in just a day.

The Lease Granted Difference

Dynamic & Ethical Approach: We believe in maintaining the integrity of your relationships. Our representatives engage with your consumers ethically, ensuring that their dignity is preserved.

Diverse Touchpoints

Understanding today’s diverse communication landscape, we use a blend of:

Written Correspondence

Including letters, emails, and texts.

Credit Reporting

For eligible accounts.

Skip Tracing

A technique employed for all debts.

Outbound Calls

Up to 31 attempts in the first 180 days to ensure maximum outreach.

Inbound Call Handling

Our outbound strategies ensure we receive return calls from consumers.

Transparency is Our Tenet

Should we face challenges in full recovery, we keep you informed of options, from payment plans to legal actions. And if collection isn’t possible, you receive a thorough summary and advised next steps.

Responsive Strategies

Our approach to collections is dynamic, adjusting based on account changes and consumer behaviors to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Transparent Costs

With Lease Granted, there are no hidden fees. Our costs are transparent, and you’re always kept in the loop regarding your financial options.


How Our Debt Collection Process Works

Strategic Debt Collection

Acting as an extension of your business, we take over past-due account information and initiate the collection process, ensuring consumers are approached effectively to settle their dues.

Easy Account Placement

Onboarding is seamless. With our expertise, resources, and technology, we manage the intricacies of debt collection, so you don’t have to.

Choosing the Right Program

It all starts when you, the creditor, decide you need expertise in recovering your dues. That’s when you engage a specialized agency like us.

Continuous Strategy & Support:

Our relationship is a partnership. As we journey through the debt collection process, we continuously strategize to ensure maximum revenue recovery for you.


Get Started Today

Don’t let unpaid debts weigh down your business. With Lease Granted’s expertise, recover what’s rightfully yours. Connect with us today to see how we can fortify your bottom line.

Whether you have a single account or manage large volumes, our sophisticated yet easy-to-use online platform allows you to begin the recovery process in mere minutes.

Advanced Recovery Tactics for Outstanding Judgments

When Traditional Means Fall Short, We Dig Deeper

At times, conventional collection methods may not suffice. That’s when our seasoned team steps in with advanced recovery tactics to ensure you receive what’s rightfully yours.

Wage Garnishment

We legally instruct an employer to withhold a part of the debtor’s earnings to repay the outstanding debt. It’s a direct approach that ensures consistent payments until the debt is fully settled.

Property Liens

By placing a lien on a debtor’s property, we ensure that the debt must be paid off when they sell or refinance. This can apply to real estate, vehicles, or other valuable assets.

Till Tap for Business Owners

If the debtor operates a business, we employ a ’till tap’ method. This involves legally seizing the cash from the business’s daily sales until the debt amount is fully recovered.

Bank Account Levy

Our experts can secure a court order to freeze and withdraw funds from the debtor’s bank account, directing those funds towards settling the debt.

Judgment Recovery vs. Collection Agencies

When a judgment is assigned to our agency through the legal system, it grants us privileges and avenues to collect that traditional collection agencies simply don’t possess. As judgment recovery specialists, our methods are legally sanctioned and offer a broader array of tools to ensure compliance from the debtor.

Our Impact

Debtors understand our capabilities and often prefer settling their debts promptly to avoid our rigorous collection processes. Our reputation precedes us: when we step in, clients pay attention.


Our Commitment to You

We understand the financial and emotional strain that comes with unrecovered debts. Our goal is not just to recover what’s due but to do so with the utmost professionalism, ensuring the preservation of your reputation and relationships. When you entrust us with your judgment recovery, you’re partnering with a team dedicated to achieving results.