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Why It’s a Game-Changer

Using a RIN significantly boosts your client’s chances of securing rental approval. It bypasses the limitations posed by their current poor credit history, evictions, or broken leases that may have hindered their approval for years. Importantly, it ensures the utmost protection of a renter’s sensitive financial and rental history.

Unlocking the Power of RIN Program

The cornerstone of our approach is the RIN (Renters Identification Number) program. This innovative program leverages a legal loophole that has been used for years, allowing tenants to rent without sharing their full credit or rental background. Each RIN is a unique 9-digit identifier, and what sets it apart is that the last four digits match the last four digits of your client’s Social Security number. This level of personalization ensures a highly secure connection to their individual identity.

How It Works

When your client engages your services and initiates their case, you start the enrollment process. This includes registering your client into our platform for their RIN Registration.

Your primary role as the agency handling your client’s case is to apply to the selected property on their behalf, using the RIN as a secure and privacy-conscious alternative to sharing their full Social Security number.

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A Tried-and-Tested Alternative

The RIN program has been tried and tested for years and is becoming a mainstream alternative to renting for individuals with eviction records. By partnering with American Leasing Experts and utilizing the RIN program, you can provide your clients with a powerful tool to overcome the hurdles of the traditional rental application process.

Protecting Your Privacy

Privacy laws are evolving, and many states are prohibiting landlords from requiring full Social Security numbers on rental applications. The RIN program offers a legitimate path to rental approval without the need to disclose sensitive personal information.

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How We Help Renters Secure Housing

With thousands of satisfied renters nationwide, Lease Granted offers a solution that has become a mainstream housing alternative for people with eviction records. Our clients are approved using a legal loophole that has been a game-changer for those facing rental problems.